dkm-ahm-gelar-gema-muharram-bersama-rzJAKARTA. On Sunday (10/30) DKM AHM along WITH RZ implement Gema Muharam DKM AHM with the theme of “Muharram Happy, Smile Share “, the event located in the Multipurpose Room of the National Gallery, Jakarta center.

The activity was filled with a variety of interesting educative activities. To make body fresh during activities preceded by healthy Gymnastics with 116 anak juara and parents, not to forget recitation of Al-Quran successfully delivered by One of Anak juara.

In addition to the entertainment from marawis team, Gema Muharrahm event was marked by a variety of educational competitions such as coloring contest for kindergarten – elementary, Athan Competition, Calligraphy Contest, Tahfidz contest for elementary school (Qs. Ad-Dhuha) and for junior high school (Qs. Al-A’la ), and for senior high school (Qs. An-Naba). Meanwhile parents got parenting knowledge from Mrs Cerahmawarti, Spd. a parenting consultant from Buah Hati.

Parenting material provided is “Great Parents in Gadget era” on how to address the child who now have known early on gadgets. In addition, it also discusses how to improve parenting style.

“Try to respect the child by asking his opinion, as the Prophet Ibrahim r.a.” Mrs Cerahmawati said on the sidelines of the delivery of material.

At the end of the event were announced the winners of the race. Tahfidz race for senior high school won by Hilma as 1st winner, Deni 2nd winner and Haris as 3rd winner, While the coloring contest was won by Fadel as 1st winner, Salsabila 2nd winner, and 3 3rd winner.

On the occasion submission of donations and gifts from anak juara AHM to others orphans as form of happiness for others, which is then followed by a symbolic handover Non Educare Program by Mukhofin pack.

Last event champions of all children and orphans took a group photo along with Mrs Yeni Cerahmawarti. Hopefully in this Islamic new year they started to educate and take care their children in Islamic way and in accordance with the teachings of Quran. And the children can be pious children.

Newsroom/Yadi Mulyadi

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