JAKARTA. Sunday (09/07), DKM AHM (Al Haqqul Mubiin) and Rumah Zakat again held a mass circumcision event for 200 children in Jakarta Raya. The mass circumcision event was held at the office of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Karisma room, Jalan Laksamada Yos Sudarso Sunter 1, North Jakarta,


The mass circumcision was attended by Chairman of the Board of Masjid Al Haqqul Mubiin PT Astra Honda Motor M.Syukron, Marketing Director of Rumah Zakat, Irvan Nugraha, Director of HR-GA-IT PT. Astra Honda Motor Markus Budiman and Chairman of PUK SPLEM SPSI, M. Taufik.


Al-Haqul Mubin Mosque Council PT. Astra Honda Motor with Rumah Zakat has been cooperating in managing zakat funds, infaq and alms of employees since 2008. The mass circumcision program is one of the social programs that are held regularly every year. “We would like to thank the Al Haqul Mubin Mosque Board of PT Astra Honda Motor for entrusting Rumah Zakat as a social distribution partner for this time. Cooperation that has been closely interwoven hopefully can continue to provide benefits to the wider community. Social programs such as mass circumcision and scholarship distribution have been routinely implemented until 2017,” Irvan said, Marketing Director of Rumah Zakat in his speech.


In addition, remarks from the Chairman of the Board of Mosque DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin provide responses on the implementation of cooperation programs with Rumah Zakat. “This mass circumcision program was implemented from 2009. When it was declared, approximately 1500 children have attended the mass circumcision until this year,” said Muhammad Syukron Chairman of the Board of Mosque Al Haqqul Mubiin.


Syukron added that the awardees of scholarship from DKM Al Haqul Mubin from 2009 are 168 children until 2017 and 42 scholarship students have graduated from high school.


Director of PT Astra Honda Motor and Chairman of PUK LEM SPSI (union employees) conveyed appreciation of these social programs because in line with the company’s vision to be able to provide benefits to the nation and state.


In addition, the management of PT Astra Honda Motor advised employees to always maintain and improve the sustainability of the company so that the usefulness is still going on.


At the end of the event, symbolically gift given to five children who participated in mass circumcision ceremony and scholarship submission for the awardees of DKM Al Haqul Mubin scholarship.

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