DKM BAITUL TAQWA GANDENG RUMAH ZAKAT KELOLA ZISINDOPOS.CO.ID – DKM Baitul Taqwa took Rumah Zakat in the management of zakat, infaq and shodaqoh. The signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) was held at Masjid Baitul Taqwa in Ahmad Yani street By Pass Rawamangun, East Jakarta on Friday (03/03).

The agreement was attended by Robi Toni as Chairman of DKM Baitul Taqwa Masjid Bea Cukai, its board and also Friday worshipers of DGCE employees. Meanwhile, from Rumah Zakat was attended by Irvan Nugraha as Director of Marketing, Didi Sabir as Network Area  of Rumah Zakat and Arif Sarifudin as Funding Manager.

“Seeing the large zakat potential of employees DGCE thus requiring better management then we took Rumah Zakat,” said Robi.

Irvan Nugraha, Marketing Director of Rumah Zakat in his speech delivered on empowered villages program. “Alhamdulillah, Rumah Zakat has been managing 800 empowered villages and the target this year is 1080 villages. The synergy of ZIS management of DKM Baitul Taqwa Masjid Bea Cukai can help to realize the empowerment, ” he said.

At the end of event, all the DKM board and Rumah Zakat took time for discussing about ZIS distribution program. They all hoped that the results of this ZIS fund management can continue to provide benefits and further growth for the community.





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