dollar-buah-naga-inovasi-produk-member-rz-curi-perhatian-walikota-balikpapanBALIKPAPAN. In realizing the economic independence of the people of Indonesia, RZ consistently performs community empowerment program included in the economic aspects by working together with Mandiri Daya Insani (MDI). As in Balikpapan with Dollar Dragon Fruit products that is getting widely known.

In the beginning Dollar Dragon Fruit is made RZ’s member, Supiatik because she sent by Department of Cooperatives (Disperindakop) Balikpapan to join Expo 2016, in which the Expo was attended by approximately 5 countries. This expo to show off heavy equipment for mining and also firms – companies engaged in the field of heavy equipment, and SMEs Disperindakop get a booth to join this expo.

Due to the number of foreign companies in the expo, Supiatik also had given feedback by the Disperindakop to make products that are different from the others. Therefore Supiatik made products that are named Dollar Dragon Fruit.

The introductions of new product in the expo is good, it got lot of response from the visitors. After the expo, these products exist following the exhibition – exhibition in Balikpapan area and follow the folk festival organized by Danamon Bank “Although only nominated but Alhamdulillah mayor of balikpapan enthusiastic with the products ” Said Supiatik, (9.23).

Newsroom/Dewi Wulandari

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