JAKARTA. Still constantly flows, the concern from people of Indonesia to help the people who become victims of humanitarian tragedy in Rohingya. The donation of Rp.350.000.000 was received by Rumah Zakat from DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin (AHM) located at Jalan Laksda Yos Sudarso, Sunter 1, Jakarta, Wednesday (09/20).

The donation was symbolically handed over by the Chairman of the Board of Masjid Al Haqqul Mubiin (AHM) Muhammad Sukron to the Funding Manager of Rumah Zakat, Arif Sarifudin right after Dhuhur prayer, witnessed by the pilgrims.

“Funds collected for Rohingya humanitarian aid in DKM Al Haqqul Mubiin amounted to Rp350.000.000, the fund comes from a charity that opened for two weeks and infaq and shodaqoh from regular employee payroll cuts every month. Hopefully these funds can be useful and make good deeds of all of us” said M Sukron in his speech after praying Dhuhur to all pilgrims.

Meanwhile, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team Andri Murdianto who had left for Myanmar to do aid on August 29, 2017 and then share experiences in the midst of the pilgrims.

“Today I am still in Indonesia for internal coordination and preparation to leave for Bangladesh to channel aid to the next refugees. Glad to be able to share experiences, situations and conditions during the distribution to the pilgrims of Masjid Al Haqul Mubiin” Andri explained.

When describing the experience during the action in Myanmar, Andri played the video during the distribution in Myanmar. Some of the help that has been given and taken by the humanitarian team Rumah Zakat since May 2016 is basic needs package, Ifthar package, hijab, water pump, corned superqurban. As well as in 2017, the aid that has been given to Burmese refugees in Sitwe consists of food packages, fish, corned beef and Superqurban rendang, Ifthar package, emergency school construction and school supplies.

Newsroom/ Yadi Mulyadi

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