BOYOLALI, Sunday (11/10) – In response to the drought that struck most regions of Indonesia some time ago, Rumah Zakat through the Waqf Wave movement launched the Waqf Water Source program as a long-term solution for people who experience drought and do not yet have a water source in villages from Aceh to Papua.

Towards the end of 2019, the construction of waqf water sources has been completed in 24 of 100 target points throughout Indonesia. Waqf water sources are implemented according to the needs of residents in each village. In general, the problems in each village are clean water is difficult to access and inadequate water infrastructure.

“Until now there are still several village points that are still under construction. It is estimated that by the end of this month the construction to be completely completed,” said Chief Wakaf Rumah Zakat, Soleh Hidayat.

Pendem Hamlet RT 01 RW 01, Bengle Village, Wonosamodro District, Boyolali Regency, Central Java, is one of the villages where waqf water sources are built. In this village, residents have to walk more than 1 km to get water sourced from a spring in the middle of the forest. Poor road conditions cannot be traversed by motorbikes so residents must travel on foot, not only that the slight water discharge makes residents have to queue since dawn because if they collect water during the day, the water discharge will recede.

Endowments from donors finally realized in this Pendem Hamlet, Rumah Zakat builds artesian wells, water reservoirs and at the same time establishes toilet facilities. The construction of this complete water source facility was built in the area of ​​the Syifaul Qullub Mosque so that it could meet the daily water needs of the residents and supporting facilities for worship as well as the prosperity of the mosque.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat, I represent the village head to say a lot of gratitude considering the condition of the village is indeed a drought, sometimes there is also assistance sent but its once a week and it is not enough, so that with this well the residents can take it at any time” said Mr. Muhammad Ali Mahfud.

Sunday (10/11) Chief Waqf Officer of Rumah Zakat, Soleh Hidayat together with Trisno Empowered Village Facilitators and the local government and the residents officially inaugurated this newly built water source.

“Hopefully this waqf water source is like the waqf of Uthman whose usefulness is felt until now and is rewarding. As the Prophet said in his hadith, ‘O Friends, anyone of you who donates his wealth to be able to free the well, then donate it to the people will get his paradise’ Allah Taala, Insha Allah Aamin” said Soleh in his speech.

Soleh also through his presentation thanked the donors and endowments who have participated in the endowment goodness program.

“Now taking water is near, and I do not have to carry far anymore, for ablution in the mosque is also near, I support and please continue to be better Rumah Zakat,” said Narni (47 years) one of the residents of Pendem Hamlet.

Until today, although some regions have experienced rain, there are also areas that have experienced longer droughts so that waqf of water sources will continue to be encouraged until reaching remote corners of the archipelago as a long-term solution to drought.


Lailatul Istikhomah / Hanaa Afifah

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