YOGYAKARTA. Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta’s RBG Clinic held an in-house training activity on Wednesday (07/05). The activity aims to improve work spirit after Eid holidays. Discussion and training activities which are intended for all Clinic employees presented Andika Dwidjatmiko, Communications and Branding Marketing Consultant, as the speaker.


Chief of RBG clinic Yogyakarta, Ratna Kusumaningsih, SKM revealed that the event was the opening ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of RBG Clinic Yogyakarta. She also said that the theme raised in this training is about the work of TEAM “Together Everyone Achieve More”.


“The material was very inspiring. In my opinion, any goal to be achieved will be much easier when done together, with 3 AS strategy, namely hard work, smart work, and sincere work, ” She added.


The atmosphere of training more vibrant when interspersed with various games. In addition to providing 3 AS strategy, Andika who also served as CEO of one of the advertising brand that provides material on how to go the job with sincerity to work so that accumulate no longer a burden.


“This moment is expected to be a forum to advise each other, remind and collect the strength of the team to always the spirit in running the trust in this institution to the level of sincerity for RBG Yogyakarta to be more blessing and benefits,” Ratna concluded.

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