DRUM BAND SD JUARA JAKARTA TIMUR TETAP BERJUANG KERAS MESKI TERBATASJAKARTA. Drum band, extracurricular of SD Juara Jakarta Timur, extracurricular was established at the beginning of 2011, in parallel with the establishment of SD Jakarta Timur. Curricular drum band instrument is quite expensive. In 2011, the band drum instruments purchased for 10 million. Now, most of the drum the band tools is less feasible for use. Even so, the students remain eager to play for drum band and do a rehearsal every Saturday morning along with their coach, Kak Anggi.

Drum band of SD Juara Jakarta Timur had been a champion in three categories Marching Concert event in Kota Wisata Cibubur in 2011. It has been almost five years of drum band yet to win competitions.  Insyaa Allah, on March 26, 2017, drum band extracurricular of SD Juara Jakarta Timur will compete in drum band competition in Tamini Square, East Jakarta. The jury is also a famous musician, Dwiki Darmawan, leaders of Farabi music institution that has been very popular in various circles. Surely, the competitors also are the teams drum band that has been experienced in drum band competition.

With the various shortcomings in terms of equipment and costumes, the band drum team remains optimistic for the race on 26th March. In fact, the exercise intensity was increased. In the midst of the bustle of the race Loketa PAI in gugus  and district level, FLS2N, NurisFest 2017 and Outing Class activities.

“Drum band team should still be prepared in any condition to compete in the big event. Keep trying hard, although in limited conditions. That is SD Juara’s drum team ” Principal SD Juara Jakarta timur, Ahmad Kosasi Revealed excitedly.

“If only we get new instrumental tool and new costumes, perhaps I and friends be more confident, sir.” The team captain, Zulfi Said. “But no matter what, we must remain ready to compete, for the sake of the SD Juara.” He added.

Newsroom/ Arif Rahman


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