CIREBON. Soon the school holidays will end and the children will be back to school on Monday (17/07). On this occasion usually children prepare the needs and supplies of new schools ranging from books, uniforms, bags, shoes and others. But not all children come from families who are able to meet the needs of the school.

As well as Nuraeni, the daughter of the Alm. Kasmuri and Almh. Korni who was born on May 29, 2006. Her parents were gone since Nuraeni in second grade and currently lives with her grandmother, Sunimi, at Kibei Block 4 RT 16 / RW 05, Slangit Village, Klangenan Sub-district, Cirebon District. Entering the new school year 2017/2018 Nuraeni sat in 6th grade SDN Slangit 3.

Seeing the condition of her grandmother who is just a worker in the paddy fields with unpredictable income, she was not have brave enough to ask her grandmother to buy her new school supplies, instead of asking Nuraeni was always help her and never complained with the conditions. According to teachers and friends Nuraeni is a diligent girl, it performs by her 5 times prayers and diligently recite Qoran in the musholla.

And now Nuraeni was elected to be one of the beneficiaries of assistance from the Semangat Sekolah Program of Rumah Zakat through

Three days before entering school she even has not owned her own school supplies, but now she can smile happily because on Friday (14/07) she with orphans were invited by Mr. Anjoyo, Relawan Isnpirasi of Rumah Zakat Klangenan area to to buy school supplies at Arjawinangun Market. Nuraeni and her friends bought shoes, uniforms, and stationery.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you donors and Rumah Zakat who have provided school equipment, now I am more enthusiastic for school, I hope Allah will reply multiply”. she said with a sweet smile.


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