SUMEDANG. At the beginning of September 2017, Rumah Zakat through Empowered Village facilitators provided assistance for each one female goat and 2 goats to be fattened to 15 residents assisted by Rumah Zakat in Ciheulang Hamlet, Mulyajaya Village, Wado District, Sumedang Regency, West Java.

Now Right in the beginning of September 2018 the goat given by Rumah Zakat has been born. Because the tenacity of the assisted resident now the female sheep had reached an average of 6 months which means it is approaching mating.

“15 assisted residents, 7 of them have had female lambs, insha Allah the sheep they have will be given to the prospective new beneficiaries, Alhamdulilah they also care about other breeders,” said Dani, the Empowered Village Facilitator

Sunday (02/09) Dani gave the young female ready-to-marry sheep to 7 new beneficiaries namely Sahdi, Sapan, Maryati, Wahyan, Dadang, Casman, Suryana, the beneficiaries were very happy to get the assistance.

“We express our gratitude to Rumah Zakat and to those who entrust Zakat, Infaq and Sadaqah through Rumah Zakat has helped our community, Insya Allah the charity will continue to flow because the ongoing program is not broken through the help of this sheep,” said Dani, representing the inmates.


Yanta / Lailatul Istikhomah

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