dusun-pangan-lestari-asri-dan-menyehatkanCIREBON.Lestari Food village initiated by Inspiring Volunteer of Winong village is starting to look its development. The large yard belong to one of resident in Manggis hamlet and karangmojo Hamlet are potentials that need to be optimized.

Their consumerism lifestyle background becomes another reason to optimize resident’s yard area. Nowadays if we need vegetables for consumption, people are more likely to buy it in the vegetable vendors or markets that in fact the vegetables containing pesticide, though they have large yard that can be used for gardening.

Therefore Hamlet Sustainable Food program is considered important to educate citizens about the importance of eating organic vegetables can nourish. Inspiration Volunteers distribute vegetable seeds to each coordinator KWT per households in two villages, which then distributed to each resident.

Furthermore, through the instruction Village head, citizens are encouraged to make the shelves in front of their house to put vegetable seeds placed in polybags. Besides functioning to meet the needs of vegetables, seed vegetables also can be a home decoration.

Currently, if we pass by houses in 4 RT in two hamlets, our eyes will be spoiled by the green vegetable that thrives in polybag shelves. In addition, KWT members who have been trained to make organic liquid fertilizer also distribute the fertilizer to residents in each Neighborhood, it is expected there will be no use of pesticides in plant care.

Some people also make ditches in front of their house and planted a variety of vegetables. KWT from each village also has a nursery garden. “It will be piloted nutrition gardens in each village by utilizing a farm owned by The head village unused in the two hamlets.” Said Inspiring Volunteer

Residents are very enthusiastic about this program that is proven by their effort to complement various types of vegetables out of a seed given by RZ, they also bought extra polybag. “In the future, hopefully the citizens could be independent in meeting the needs of vegetables and could further add to the income of citizens,” he concluded.

Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto

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