CITANGKIL. Rumah Zakat as a professional social institution based on community empowerment continues to contribute positively to build the country in the economic field through the program “Senyum Mandiri”. This is done as an effort to support the government to realize an independent Indonesian society and prosperous.

To build the business economy of the people in the middle to lower class, Rumah Zakat Cilegon In October it provides business capital to 8 Beneficiaries in Citangkil Village area. Among them are Sayidi (38), Herawati (38), Supriati (33), Ai lestarini (25), Ummu (36), Nuraeni (39), Sinta Dewi (20) and Aam maryani (38).

Each beneficiary gets the Capital assistance of Rp750,000 which has a variety of businesses such as Cassava Chips, Chicken, Onion Chips, Asinan, Cincau, and others. The 8 beneficiaries of this business they are just entering 2 months become SME Member of Rumah Zakat who is ready and committed to develop their business and follow all activity of empowerment program from Rumah Zakat.

Before getting business capital, business entrepreneurs are also provided with Entrepreneurship Education which is an understanding of the Minister of Finance which aims to understand the use of business finance and Assistance of GMP Products, especially how to service to consumers in addition to good service to consumers also need to be considered how the presentation of products or packaging the good one.

“I am very grateful to be a member of Rumah Zakat empowering The capital assistance provided helped my efforts in earning a living for my family. I have to work hard to pay for my life and my family. “Sayidi, Rumah Zakat empowered member.

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