CILEGON. Rumah Zakat carried out entrepreneurship education for assisted members of Rumah Zakat Cilegon on Friday (10/11). A total of 10 people from various business backgrounds attended the event.

Entrepreneurship education contains Religious Materials and entrepreneurship motivation sharing of SMEs about the business development of the members by Rumah Zakat facilitator. This activity aims to improve the balance between understanding the religion and wealth to members of assisted SMEs of  Rumah Zakat.

“One of the characteristics of nation that is strong economically is at least 4 percent of its population being entrepreneurs. Currently, the people of Indonesia who become entrepreneurs are still below 1 percent, “said Facilitator Empowerment House Zakat Branch Cilegon, Humaedi. For that, he said Rumah Zakat as part of the nation, is obliged to contribute to the realization of these targets in facilitating the independence of the community through empowerment programs are packed in clusters smile independent.

Through a Powerful Village Facilitator, Rumah Zakat implements a community empowerment program in the form of regular guidance so that in the future it can form qualified individuals, then become an independent family, until finally become a civil society.

“I am grateful to be a Member of assisted SMEs of Rumah Zakat and I feel happy with the activities, it can add insight and more familiar about the meaning of religion education and knowledge in entrepreneurship,” said Saromah, a member of Rumah Zakat.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah


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