SALATIGA, Wednesday (15/8) Central Java Representative of Rumah Zakat brought 1,500 packages of Superqurban corned beef and medicine to Warak Village, Hamlet, Sidomukti Sub-District, Salatiga City to hold an activity entitled Superqurban Expedition.

The activity which was centered on Al Ikhlas Mosque RT 04 RW 06 also provided free health check-up services to 113 residents present. Also present were Acting Salatiga Mayor Muh. Haris who gave a presentation about “the meaning of independence and the meaning of Qurban” before 350 worshipers listened to lectures from Ustadz who also served as Acting Mayor of Salatiga.


The enthusiasm of the community for the presence of Rumah Zakat and the Volunteer also 2 doctors and the medical team making the program so lively that late in the Maghrib prayer call came, the Mayor expressed his gratitude to Rumah Zakat Team who had contributed to fostering the Salatiga community through 9 empowered village facilitator.

“Plus now the Superqurban Expedition which provides 1,500 corned beef processed by donators from Rumah Zakat and free medical examinations and the provision of hygiene kits for Alikhlas Mosque, hopefully the contribution to be a charity for Rumah Zakat donators who leave some of their wealth through zakat infaq and shodaqoh as well as qurban, “he said.


Armini (65) expressed his gratitude to Rumah Zakat for delivering the Superqurban package to the front of his house. “Thank you so much for the help, hopefully useful, said grandmother with 3 grandchildren.

Alamsyah Nuruzzaman, Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Semarang in his speech conveyed that corned beef distributed to Salatiga was processed by meat.

Qurban given through Rumah Zakat House, hopefully with this Qurban corned beef, the Sidomukti Hamlet Village Salatiga gets qurban animal protein nutrition and is certainly beneficial for health, hopefully Rumah Zakat can provide more assistance in the future for the Salatiga community in particular and Central Java in general.

In addition to the distribution of 1,500 corned beef qurban, and free health checks for 113 residents, this activity was also enlivened with cooking demonstrations or the introduction of one of the ways to process the Superqurban corned beef. One of the volunteers of Rumah Zakat, Kholida on the occasion introduced corned beef to be a delicious and delicious snack, namely “Qornet Macaroni”.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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