BANTEN. After the success of Superqurban Expedition in West Kalimantan, Rumah Zakat again held a Superqurban Expedition in the Inland are at Banyuasih Village Cigeulis District, Pandeglang Banten on (30/03).

“The expedition team consisting of Rumah Zakat Tangerang Volunteers, Rumah Zakat Cilegon Volunteers and Empowered Village Facilitators, the uphill terrain and many muddy puddles of mud became part of our journey,” said Shakti, Coordinator of Superqurban Expedition Team.

Extreme travel for 9 hours must be done by the Expedition Team to reach the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpedition, even the vehicles ride by the Team could not climb because of steep rocky road but does not prevent the Expedition Team to keep distributing Superqurban Corned.

“Banyuasih village is located at the southern end of Pandeglang, including areas that are difficult to reach by ordinary vehicles and have to use special vehicles and lack special attention because the area is very difficult to reach. The average community here is only up to elementary education. They work only rough laborers such as coolies pelvic in the market, farmers and fishermen “said Pak Ade Komarudin, Head of Banyuasih Village.

When coming to Banyuasin Village, the community welcomed the enthusiasm of the Expedition Team, especially when 550 Corned and Rendang Superqurban were distributed to the people, they were very happy because they had never tasted the qurban meat from outside their area. In addition to distributing Superqurban, the team also held social event in the form of metabolic health examination and health counseling as well as cleaning mosque activities, tree planting, provision of garbage bin, hygiene kits, Qur’an and Iqra for the mosque.

“Alhamdulillah we are very happy, thankyou for willing to come all the way to our village, and we get corned beef & rendang superqurban from Rumah Zakat. To reach our village location which is very far from the city and the road to this village is quite difficult to pass by ordinary vehicle. Again, thanks Rumah Zakat and donators. Hopefully Allah give you abundance sustenance. Aamiin “said Wasno one of Banyuasih Villager.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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