WEST JAKARTA. (15/08). SD Juara Jakarta Barat fostered by Bank Indonesia RASBI and Rumah Zakat organizes various interesting extracurricular of marawis, Karate, Futsal, Drawing, English and Archery.

Archery Extracurricular which has been running for three years is very much in demand by children and is one of the favorite extras, especially for high-class children.

As said by the Messenger of Allāh W “Teach your children archery, swimming and riding,” so with the hope of the Panahan extracurricular hope that Students have one of these three skills.

The extracurricular which is trained directly by the principal of SD Juara West Jakarta, Mohamad Salahuddi has won several Archery Contest, one of which is ananda Abdullah Zidan who won the first winner during the Islamic Book Fair in Senayan. Intensively children are taught about good and correct archery techniques. Concentration and focus on targets are the key.

“A pride for SD Juara Jakarta has children who excel in their respective fields. Hopefully the talents of each child can continue to grow and more achievements can make the name of the school, “said Yudi Hindarsyah, Vice Principal of SD Juara Jakarta Barat.


Wiwid Widayanti / Lailatul Istikhomah

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