BANDUNG. Wednesday (3/10) As usual, this is the day that the children have been waiting for because Wednesday is an Extracurricular Day. SD Bandung Champion set extracurricular activities on Wednesday with the aim of giving a break to students. They study on Monday and Tuesday, then are paused on Wednesday and study again on Thursday and Friday. The school feels that this rhythm is considered effective to reduce the level of saturation of students in studying at school.

Extracurricular is believed to be able to facilitate multiple intelligences of students. In this extracurricular activity, not only attracts interest, but talent also becomes a focus in this extracurricular activity. Then, this extracurricular is able to present achievements to each student. So that students can excel in their respective fields.

Extracurricular activities held at SD Juara Bandung are divided into 2 clusters, namely the arts and sports. It also represents existing multiple intelligences. The extracurricular includes Futsal (Kinetic, Interpersonal, Logical), Pencak Silat (Kinetetic, Logical), Tatalu (Kinetic, Musical), Image Art (Dominant Visual), Little Doctor (Interpersonal, Naturalist), Archery (Logical, Visual), Dancing (Kinetic, Musical), Singing (Musical, Interpersonal), Youtubers (Interpersonal).

“Meanwhile, the Scouting Extracurricular is a mandatory activity that must be followed by students. This scout activity also facilitates all the multiple intelligences of students. All contained in the material compiled in scout activities in 1 year, said Muhammad Gozali, Teacher of SD Juara Bandung


Lailatul Istikhomah

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