ekpedisi-superqurban-salatiga SALATIGA (13/09). RZ held SuperQurban Expedition 2016 in Sidorejo Lor village, Sidorejo district, Salatiga on Saturday (09/10). Sidorejo is one of the districts in the city of Salatiga in Central Java province that has become RZ assisted village, or commonly referred as Integrated Community Development (ICD).

Sidorejo Lor is one of the villages of 6 (six) villages in Sidorejo subdistrict. The distance from the village to the district office is 0.5 KM while the distance to the administrative center of Salatiga ± 3 Km to the south which is located in sidomukti district.

Sidorejo Lor Village has an area of approximately 271 hectares, which is divided into 11 villages, namely: Dusun Kauman, Dusun Seruni, dusun jetis barat, dusun sinoman tempel, dusun Banyu Putih, dusun Bancaan Timur, dusun Soka, dusun Sinoman Tempel, dusun Sarirejo, dusun Bancaan Lor, dan dusun Bancaan Barat. Amount to 11 villages are divided into 14 RW and 88 RT.

In the occassion of SuperQurban Expedition 2016 RZ distributed 400 packages of Superqurban corned in bancaan Sidorejo Lor, sub Sidorejo Salatiga. This activity in collaboration with the branch Salimah Sidorejo, dzikir-taklim “Padhang Ati” “Padhang Ati”, and also Yayasan Al Amien bancaan. This event began at 08:30 a.m until 11:30 a.m

“We also invite bancaan residents particularly RW 11 Sidorejo Subdistrict to follow superqurban activities ” said Muchammad Zaidun as RZ Inspiring Volunteer who served in ICD Sidorejo Lor.

The event that was attended by hundreds of Beneficiaries (PM) is also enlivened with a variety of exciting activities, including the creation of coorned Cooking Contest and Quran memorizing contest (from An naas- ad Duha) Islamic creativity movement and song.

Cooking Contest followed by six teams that comprise volunteer of PKK and Posyandu, while memorization and creativity of Islamic movements and songs participated by children PAUD Al Amien bancaan has several times won the race event.

The enthusiasm of the people was felt at the commencement of corned beef cooking contest creations. All participants in the race to prepare the materials to be used in the creation of corned beef cooking contest, such as herbs, slada, celery, onion, ketchup, eggs, carrots, oil, soy sauce and others.

Besides aiming to socialize SuperQurban and RZ, SuperQurban Expedition 2016 in ICD Sidorejo Lor is expected to further foster a sense of brotherhood and motivate people to share, help each other also as a means of guarding aqidah of local residents.

Chairman of Yayasan Al Amien Mr. Sutiyono said “we are pleased with RZ SuperQurban Expedition activity in Sidorejo lor region, this kind of activity is the first time in bancaan and Salatiga, hopefully this program can continue in the years to come.”

In line with what was presented by Mr Sutiyono, the head of RW 11 Mr. Rudi is very supportive to SuperQurban expedition conducted on its territory. Even he involved taking SuperQurban corned in Semarang branch office.

In addition to the above event, inspiring volunteer, the head of RW and some members of the public visiting the underprivileged residents to provide SuperQurban corned beef. “Happiness radiated from their faces of grandfathers and grandmothers who got SuperQurban corned” Revealed Muchammad Zaidun

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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