On Friday (09/16) RZ Volunteer on Superqurban expedition in Mengkirau Village which is one of the villages in Merbau district, Kepulauan Meranti regency, Riau province. In Mengkirau village for over 5 years there is no citizen performing qurbani in Ied Al-adha. And in 2016 still there is not a single citizen who performs qurbani.

This was due to difficult economic conditions and the ability of rural communities in Mengkirau. The majority of people here work as sailors. And many children in Mengkirau village are dropouts because they have no money to go to college out of Mengkirau village.

Only a very few who dared to make money while go to college, one of them is Mukhtar. Mukhtar is the one who filed the distribution of corned SuperQurban to RZ for Mengkirau village. With a positive response RZ Pekanbaru directly distribute Superqurban corned in Mengkirau village.

On Thursday, volunteers RZ directly went to Mengkirau village by speedboat, and when the volunteers got there they immediately welcomed by the citizens. From the port, RZ volunteers have been picked up by four youth of Mengkirau villages because of this dock they need 1 hour more to reach the location.

After reaching Mengkirau Village, RZ volunteers carried out discussion in the head of neighborhood house, they discussed about the technical division of Superqurban corned. And around 14:00 in one simple mosque in the village residents had gathered to receive Superqurban corned.
There are 100 families living in the village. And 1 KK get 4 cans of superqurban corned that is almost equal to 1 KG. the distribution went well.

The head of neighborhood said “We are very grateful because RZ volunteers came to our village, who has come far from Pekanbaru and brought Superqurban corned. Although the volunteer have never been here before, but they willing to come here qurbani meat which has been a long time we could not taste it because it is a long time there is no qurbani in our area. Hopefully in next year volunteers can perform qurbani worship together in this village, “said the head of neighborhood.

After the distribution of Superqurban corned, RZ volunteers also visit the imam of the mosque in the Mengkirau. “We are very grateful, to be welcomed warmly and acceptable in Mengkirau village to distribute Superqurban corned beef.” Said Fajri Sabti, RZ Volunteer.

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