EKSPEDISI SUPERQURBAN KE PEDALAMAN PURWAKARTAPURWAKARTA. (3.27) Rumah Zakat held Superquraban expedition in Purwakarta, by deploying Volunteer of Bandung, Rumah Zakat on Saturday (25/03) departed from Bandung to Purwakarta, Karapyak village and Cisalam village. The expedition was held for 2 days (March 25- 26, 2017).

Village Karapyak Surrounded by the industrial area with abundant facilities and infrastructure, nor too far from the Power Plant, but not automatically Karapyak Village sprayed facilities and infrastructure as well, the access road to the village is almost completely absent, there is only narrow road surround by rice filed toward the village, it also had to cross a river that in the rainy season the river water swift and high, if it is the rainy season, children do not go to school because of access to village exit is closed and every day at 5 in the morning the children had to walk to school barefoot because the streets were muddy, but the village is not too far from the industry big and bustling traffic, is about 4 km from the highway.

So is electricity, although only a few kilometers from the Jatiluhur dam, the village had never felt the bright lights of the country’s electricity, lighting only with solar powered lights solar panels that can only illuminate one LED lamp.

“Being in the village Karapyak as though we are far away from civilization, completely isolated, while no more than 2 kilometers from the village, the construction of factories and industrial areas being heavily in laksanankan” Reveal Nur Latifah, Volunteer Coordinator Bandung

Rice paddies, banana fields and raise the cattle are the main livelihood of rural communities, in the north of the village seen vast barren land due to residual soil excavation spoil the beauty of the village, it should be wondered why damaging the environment is allowed in the productive land of rice fields and plantations. Excavations have also made access to kp Cisalam from the north cut off because of the severity of damage land turned into pools of mud that is impossible in through the vehicle in the rainy season. Not only that the sanitary conditions is very far from healthy and viable, and for clean water source residents only depend on the wall in which the water is also less suitable for consumption.

“These conditions are moving Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Bandung to held Superqurban expedition. Volunteers arrived at location at 12:30 pm, the volunteers went on foot to the site because there is no access for Four Wheel, the car is stored at the point of final location before the rice filed ” Latifah Continued.

The agenda is carried out at the site of Superqurban expedition this time was distribution of 600 Superqurban corned meat to citizens Karapyak and Cisalam village, cooking competition among the mothers followed by four groups and 30 snacks and 30 packages of stationery for children in the village, Besides that the volunteers also took time to play with children.

Residents in Karapyak and cisalam villages welcomed the arrival of Rumah Zakat volunteers, seemingly the residents are very enthusiastic about the various activities carried out. “The people seemed enthusiastic following every event that we made, I hope in the future Karapyak and cisalam villages could get electricity from the government” said Nurlatifah.


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