EKSPEDISI SUPERQURBAN UKIR SENYUM DI PULAU TEGAL, LAMPUNGLAMPUNG. On Saturday (11/02) RZ Lampung Volunteer team was on an Superqurban Expedition to distribute Superqurban corned in Tegal Island, Lampung. On this expedition, the team brought 250 cans of Superqurban corned, 20 packages of Iqro books, and several children’s books.

Tegal Island is located in the village of Gebang, Pesawaran District, Lampung which is a small island with area of ± 98 hectares. The island is also inhabited by only about ± 34 heads of families, 126 people, 20 school-age children and 16 toddlers scattered on the shoreline.

There is not even electricity network, health centers, markets, schools and other public facilities. It makes this island categorized as remote areas. Because of that matters, RZ initiated RZ Lampung Volunteer to distribute packages of Superqurban corned and other aids to the Tegal island residents.

Together with the RZ team, there was also the team of Sukarelawan Peduli Pendidikan Pulau Tegal (SP3T) or Volunteer Care Education Tegal Island (SP3T) who regularly conduct classes, 2 times a week.

Mrs. Suni, as the head of RT  in Tegal Island was really happy because RZ was caring to her citizen by delivering so many aids. She also hoped that RZ team and other parties would like to give another visit to Tegal Island next time.

“Superqurban Expedition is one of the efforts of RZ in maximizing the distribution of Qurban meat that are packaged in the form of beef corned. It is also as a form of community care in particular to the citizens of the island of Tegal. Apart from health issues, the economy, and more importantly the issue of education,” explained Yan Yan Budiman, coordinator of the expedition as well RZ Lampung Branch Manager in his speech in front of Tegal Island residents.

Yan Yan was also invited Tegal Island residents to always be optimistic and maximize existing resources, including the mosque that can serve as a center of positive activity.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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