SEMARANG. Located at SD Juara Semarang, the attendant of ZIS Indosat FOR Central Java-DIY regional namely Zainal Muttaqin and Sunindar meet the invitation of empowering visit (11/4) from Rumah Zakat. This event is expected to bring closer the emotional connection between donators and orphans and dhuafa children fostered by ZIS Indosat.

On the occasion, students show skill through the performance of jaranan dance and tambourine, the results of exercise through extracurricular programs presented by the school.

Chairman of ZIS Indosat Regional Central Java-DIY, Zainnal Muttaqin, also invited to be a guest teacher to provide motivation to students.

“Whoever we can be successful and become the number one, as long as willing to study diligently, worship with sincerity wholeheartedly, and ask for parents blessing, even from poor families, you should not be desperate to continue to pray to Allah SWT,” Zainnal Muttaqin said while giving advice to the students.

The event was ended with sharing between Zis Indosat management, Alamsyah Nuruzzaman as Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Semarang, Zainal Abidin as Principal and teachers, besides in this opportunity ZIS Indosat also handed over Rp90.000.000 scholarship for SD Juara Semarang students.

“May God give success and blessing to all the big family of PT Indosat Ooredoo, especially the board of Indosat ZIS. And Rumah Zakat always trusted to manage ZIS fund which is intended for orphans” said Alamsyah Nuruzzaman.

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