AKSI PEDULI BANJIR MTT & RUMAH ZAKAT DI CIPINANG MELAYUJAKARTA, Thursday, (23/02). Flood in Cipinang Melayu happened for almost a week has forced about 500 hundred of RW 4 residents be evacuated at Masjid Borobudur University. While residents of RW 3 be evacuated at Masjid Al Muqorobbin, Cipinang Bali and Akademi Pariwisata Indonesia (Akpindo), Cipinang Indah.

Until Thursday, at night (23/02), the water level began to recede in some areas, particularly RW 3 and RW 4. Some residents have returned to their homes to clean their house from mud and water.

Some residents who live along the river, their houses were still flooded as high as 5 to 10 cm. It was still feared the people, especially when it rains and the volume of water in the river was going to overflowing.

Seeing these conditions, Majelis Taklim Telkomsel with Rumah Zakat provide some relief for the refugees including ready meals, milk and biscuits. This assistance is also the co-operation o Dinas Sosial and BPBD.

Relawan Nusantara Rumah Zakat assist and facilitate the refugees who average were the mothers and children, while the men chose to keep their house.

“Thanks to our donors and Relawan, MTT and RZ, who has been caring and helpful to us, the citizens of Cipinang Bali” said Mr. Agus, one of the flood victims who had returned to his home.

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