aksi-pungut-sampah-relawan-rz-bersinergi-dengan-komunitas PONTIANAK. (11/20) Sunday morning at 07.00 to 09:30 am, held at the area of GOR Pangsuma Pontianak, volunteer of Relawan Nusantara Pontianak, Volunteer of RZ Pontianak include, 8th prospective volunteer, together with Djelajah Borneo community carried out garbage collection action.

Garbage collection action began with jogging together in the field of GOR Pangsuma Pontianak, then proceed with the briefing, the briefing was conducted to determine the division of tasks, and discuss technical activities, after briefing to add the blessing of the activities performed prayers together, approximately 24 people which is a combination of volunteer of Relawan Nusantara Pontianak and Djelajah Borneo community participated in this activity. With a team of two people volunteers and members of Djelajah Borneo community began taking action, bringing trashbag they scoured the area of GOR Pangsuma Pontianak and put into the trashbag.

Febrianti Nova Djelajah Borneo community revealed ” Alhamdulillah, this is the first step of DJB in social activity and clean-up like this, There were various response from the public, there are some people who participated picking the trash, there are some people who entrusted their litter to the trash bag, and there are some people who praised us”

The purpose of this activity, besides cleaning up the environment, it also aims to sensitize the public to care about the environment and maintaining cleanliness for the cleanliness part of faith.

Sri Yuniarti, volunteer of RZ pontianak expressed her hope that “hopefully this initial synergies can develop the future and add to the spirit of the prospective volunteer in joint activities” she said at the end of the activity

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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