BANTUAN SEMBAKO UNTUK WARGA TERDAPAK BANJIR DI DESA GUNUNG SAHILANKAMPAR. (03/16) Desa gunung sahilan on Tuesday (03/14), one of the areas in Kampar district were submerged by flood as a result of overflowing of Kampar river because of high rainfall intensity Riau occurred in the past few days.

 The impacts of this flood at least 132 houses in gunung sahilan village submerged with a height of adult waist. So that residents evacuated to higher ground. Since a lot of people affected by the flooding, volunteers Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru took part in distributing aid from donors Zakat House.

Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru brought aid in the form of 200 kg of rice 20 kg sugar and 60 liters of bottled oil. This aid is channeled directly to gunung sahilan village office so residents can easily get the aid with an orderly. Given access into people’s houses after the floods is still difficult because there are many driftwood strewn around the road around homes.

“We and the people are very grateful for the assistance of donator of Rumah Zakat, this is very helpful because the majority of the population is fishing and farming and they could not work normally because the water is still high and fast-flowing” Said Kampar village chief

Newsroom / Dea Sukmara


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