MOTIVASI UNTUK SISWA JUARA SURABAYASURABAYA. Motivation is a psychological phenomenon in the form of encouragement that arisen in a person consciously or unconsciously to perform an action with a particular purpose. Motivation can also be in the form of businesses that may cause a person or a particular group of people motivated to do something because they want to achieve the goals it wants or gets satisfaction with his actions.

Therefore, it is important to build motivation and high morale to everyone both in the private sphere or part of a group or organization. The aim is to achieve maximum success from its intended purpose.

In order to prepare students to face the success of Mid-Term Assessment for grades 1-5, Assessment at the end of the semester and also Exams for grade 6, SDI Darussalam which is Sekolah Juara of Rumah Zakat was held Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) for the students. The activity that followed by 1-6 grade students was held in Kenjerana Park on Thursday (02/03).

The event consists of gymnastic activities together, swimming, and motivation games. The target is that all students have a strong spirit and a sense of happiness. It is expected that children will be more confidence to face all the challenges faced.

“We regularly hold motivate the children every school before the exam. We hope the children have more spirit and happy to deal with any challenges. When children have a sense of happiness and high spirits in them, it will make them more confident. So do not feel afraid or depressed when the exams. ” Revealed Suradin, one of the teacher.



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