RELAWAN INSPIRASI SUPPORT LANSIA TETAP SEHATKLATEN. On (27/02) Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat ICD Sengon synergy with Posyandu Lansia Post 4 Kebondalem Kidul to hold regular meeting of Elderly Activity. The activity was attended by 26 elderly.

The event, which began at 09.00 AM was preceded by Metabolic Checking (blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid). There was also weighing Weight, height measurement to determine whether there is curvature of the spine of the elderly, as well as blood pressure checking.

On that occasion the elderly also do Elderly Gymnastics guided by Rahmat Widodo as Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat, the participants were very enthusiastic to follow. At the end of the gymnastics of the elderly were given PMT (Supplementary Feeding) like green bean porridge, Arem-Arem (traditional cakes) and hot sweet tea.

In the speech, the Midwife invited the elderly to always maintain good health and do not consume the medicine that are not recommended by doctors. “Elderly better to diet and consume lots of fruits before eating and drinking warm water frequently to keep from being dehidration.” Said the midwife.

This time, for the elderly who want to get Metabolic Checking required to pay for 5,000 Rupiahs for blood sugar and uric acid test, and 20,000 Rupiahs for cholesterol test. That is because the money would be used to subsidize the activities of the Elderly in the next post, because the elderly cadre system implemented cross-subsidy system.

“We thank you to all the cadres who have helped, Ms. Amah Soeharto as PKK chairman and Mr. Hanafi Bagus as Headman for the support during this time program, in order to maintain the health of elderly in the village.” said Rahmat Widodo, Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat.

Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza

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