RUANGAN KELAS BARU DISAMBUT GEMBIRA SD CIPELAH 2CIANJUR. Anisa is a 6th Grade student at SD Cipelah 2, Girimukti Village, Pasirkuda subdistrict, Cianjur, West Java. Anisa was very anxious when she was studying at school if suddenly the rain came, because the poor condition of the school. But however Anisa and her friends did not give up and stay motivated to study in order to reach their dream. and their joy also motivated the teachers to keep the spirit for teaching in the sake of intelligence of the students in the area.

Especially students whose parent unable to send their students to school due to limited budget. And here, SD Cipelah 2 does not collect any fees from parents, though there is activity in schools,

As we know SD Cipelah get help from donors Rumah Zakat via the web some time ago because the condition is really alarming. It could build three new classrooms. At present, the construction of two classes has been completed and is already utilized for the student’s activities. The students looked very happy for getting new classrooms.

“Me and my friends really happy when SD Cipelah would be built. Thank you very much to the donors of Rumah Zakat who have helped me and my friends. Now when we learn at school I was no longer afraid anymore if it rains and the wind comes because now the classes are solid. The assistance is like the angel keeps us spirit and smiled with relief. Thank you “, said Anisa (12) tearfully.

“Alhamdulillah.. I thank you very much to the donors and Rumah Zakat which has been donating, now SD Cipelah since getting assistance from the Rumah Zakat has begun to build the development stage little by little. By looking eagerly at the workers who were realizing our dream, we also participate stake on it, especially its consumption could prepare for the workers. Finally, to get a good school building will soon happened. Hopefully Allah SWT give His blessings to the donors and Rumah Zakat. Aamiin. “, Said Mrs. Aisah (52) as Principal of SD Cipelah this.



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