RUMAH ZAKAT BANGUN 1080 DESA BERDAYA DI INDONESIAOvercoming poverty in Indonesia, Rumah Zakat utilizes zakat, infaq and shadaqah for fostering 1,000 villages, in Aceh to Papua. Until the end of 2016, as many as 800 villages have been fostered in 129 cities and districts in Indonesia. 2017  there is additional for 280 villages will be fostered as implementation of empowerment program.

“Villages’ fostered  was a program form Rumah Zakat where we intervened the community in a region through development programs in education, health, economy, and environment in accordance with those own potentials. In 2016, Rumah Zakat won the trust of the donors to manage ZIS and humanitarian funding for number of Rp225 billion with the number of beneficiaries reached more than 1.4 million people, “said CEO of Nur Efendi Zakat House in a press release received MySharing Wednesday ( 1/3).

The purpose of the establishment Villages’ fostered was to create measurable improvements based on community issues that occur in a region. It took the synergy from the various elements of society in order to provide sustainable benefits. “Rumah Zakat in cooperation with the community and government officials in every regions. The goal was community development with the active participation form citizens be more quickly and sustainably, “said Efendi.

The program empowerment from Rumah Zakat tried to consistent with the indicators of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proclaimed by the United Nations. In 2016 as many as 2,074 beneficiaries of the economic program by Rumah Zakat, rising  the household income. “Hopefully in 2017, Rumah Zakat contributions can provide in managing humanitarian funding to reduce poverty,” said Chief Program Officer Rumah Zakat, Noor Yahya.

Until the end of 2016, has been established 17 Sekolah Juara, three Mobil juara , Champion of four early childhood, nine Clinic Primary RBG, 51 ambulance free, and 20 Mobile Clinic. The presence of a variety of supporting facilities, health and education can be a supportive element for the sake of terwujudya empowerment in Indonesia

Rebranding of Rumah Zakat, Share Happy Energy

Based on the spirit to be the best NGO in distributing happiness between donors and beneficiaries, Rumah Zakat are rebranding. This year Rumah Zakat is not only committed to being a trusted institution, progressive, and professional, but also be able to collaborate with various parties for the creation of community empowerment in  Indonesia.

“Alhamdulillah  now Rumah Zakat be the one of most trusted LAZNAS by the public. It triggered us to work more passion in managing the ZIS and humanitarian aid better and effective in empowering the community, “said Chief Marketing Officer Rumah Zakat, Irvan Nugraha.



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