rz-berangkatkan-relawan-ke-myanmarJAKARTA RZ dispatched a team of volunteers to distribute aid to Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine and Maungdaw (11/23). In humanitarian mission this time, RZ Volunteers will distribute aid in the form of food, clothing and hijab.

“This form of assistance is delivered according to priority needs on site monitoring the conflict. Health assistance is more urgent needs, cannot be met now due to very tight restrictions on aid from local governments.

“RZ is committed to provide further assistance in accordance with the situation and developments in Myanmar later,” said Heny Widiastuti, RZ’S Chief Program Officer. RZ together humanitarian agencies that are members of the SEAHUM (Southeast Asia Humanitarian Committee) held a press conference titled ” STOP THE GENOCIDE OF ROHINGYA ” on Wednesday (23/11) as Myanmar’s response to military operations against the Rohingya Muslims.

In this press conference, SEAHUM convey the steps to be undertaken regarding the condition of the Rohingya Muslims, including the Action delivery of Mass Opinions in front of the Embassy of Myanmar on 25 November 2016 as well as perform Humanitarian Flotilla mission for Rohingya by sending humanitarian aid in conflict area, Myanmar.

“RZ’s Volunteers departure to Myanmar is an implementation of the Humanitarian Flotilla mission for Rohingya. In addition to dispatch volunteers, we will also participate in the conveyance of mass opinion in front of the embassy Myanmar in Jakarta tomorrow Friday (11/25), “said Heny.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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