SYAHDAN JUARAI LOMBA MHQ TINGKAT KOTA2CIMAHI. (3/29) competition is an opportunity to develop the potential of students, one of which is PAI Competition which is an annual Islamic religious event contest held at different levels of education from elementary school, Medddle and Senior High school. PAI Competition has levels of competition, ranging from the district level, municipal, provincial and national level, while the branches of a competition in which is Islamic trivia quiz, MTQ, MHQ, Calligraphy, young dai, speech, PAI debates, the practice of prayer, qosidah and Muslim fashion ,

Equally with other cities, PAI Competition was conducted in Cimahi on Monday (03/27). Fikri Muhammad Syahdan, 2 Grade students of SD Juara Cimahi was sent as one of the contestants in the branches of the competition, which MHQ (Musabaqoh Hafidzul Quran) Juz 30. The boy who commonly called Syahdan won second prize in MHQ (Musabaqoh Hafidzul Quran) Juz 30 after a competition with no less 70 participants from elementary schools in Cimahi.

In this Competition, Syahdan is the youngest participant, one of the judges who interviewed him to tears with emotion. Not only that in 2016 Syahdan also won the same race in Science Expo “Save Our Earth” event in SD Al Kauthar.

“Alhamdulilah, Ananda Syahdan managed to be the 2nd winner. And became the sole representative of SD Juara who have won the trophy for school” Principal of SD Juara Cimahi, Nurzaman said


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