faiz-anak-juara-ini-ingin-jadi-penghafal-al-quranCIREBON. Faiz Ramadan or commonly called Faiz, one of Anak Juara (RZ Foster Children) of RZ Cirebon who aspires to be a hafidz. Born from a modest family do not dampen his enthusiasm for learning to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

After school, Faiz care for her siblings at home for the father sold ice and his mother on the afternoon teach at one of madrassa (school) in the village.

A series of achievements has he achieved, good confidence and willingness to learn make Faiz became the best student in his school. From the religious side, Faiz also quite prominent, in mentoring, Faiz is the most progressive child to memorize Quran among others children. Alhamdulillah juz 30 has completed, now he is memorizing juz 29. Faiz often follows MTQ competition and Trivia. alhamdulillah several times Faiz managed to be a winner.

Moreover, Faiz very pleased to travel. Due to the limitations of family circumstances, Faiz very rarely go for travel. When the mentoring material carried out in outdoor, Faiz is very happy. “I am very glad to be able to travel while learning” he said in the outing, when asked tourist spot where he wants to go, Faiz replied with spirit “Cirebon Waterland, would have been nice to be there.” Said Faiz and and friends who have opportunity to visit Cirebon Waterland in Share with Orphans program.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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