MAKASSAR. Monday (29/05). Farhan (5) is the son of the couple Zainuddin and Rani who work as a farmer. The five-year-old Farhan became one of the brightest students in his TPA. He studies at TPA Nurul Khaerat, Balosi Hamlet, Pajukukang Village, Bontoa Distict, Maros Regency.


Although he is a kindergarten student, Farhan’s spirit in studying Quran is very high. This is evident with the power of his memory, he only needs a few days to finish iqra 1.


Farhan is also known as a cheerful child and loves to play with his friends. “Brother, please come often to teach us, and take pictures again in the fields.” Farhan Said with a smile showing his toothless teeth.


In addition to Farhan, there is Alfi (7) who also the smart student of Nurul Khaerat, the son of Ambo Aha and Sahariah.


Alfi managed to finish iqro in a few months. In addition, his short surah memorization is quite a lot, thus making him recognized as the smartest santri in TPA Nurul Khaerat.


“I am very happy to meet with brother volunteers, thank you so much for the Quran, hopefully I can be more diligent to recite Quran”. He said in Bahasa mixed with Bugis language to Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Makassar.

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