BATANG. Friday (16/06) cheerful faces seen from about 20 children and teenagers who attended the launching ceremony of Inspiration “Cinta Baca” in the empowered village of Proyonanggan Tengah, Batang, Central Java.

The presence of this Inspiration Hall coincides with school holidays as an alternative positive activity for children and adolescents to fill the holidays.

“We want to grow the tradition of reading among children and adolescents to be smart as well as to reduce juvenile delinquency” said Falahuddien, Berdaya Village Facilitator in Proyonanggan Tengah Village.

Occupying an unused home space corner then converted into a reading room, this Inspiration Hall provides a collection of books and magazines for children and adolescents. and In the future there will also be a creative and educative activity for children activities.

The launching ceremony was also filled by the children’s fairy tale by Kak Isna, about Mahmud and Paku, the children seemed enthusiastic to hear the story being delivered. Not only children who are happy, the parents also helped appreciate the opening of this Inspiration Hall.

“I am happy with the program from Rumah Zakat. Hopefully the presence of this hall can lead to positive reading activities for children. Because the challenges of today’s children are huge from TV shows and internet influences. I hope this reading house makes children become smart and have the good morals, “said Teti one of the mother who accompanies her chlid.

The event then ended with the distribution of Ifthar to the children and the teenagers who attended.

Newsroom / M Falahuddien

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