1905 FASILITATOR DESA BERDAYA RUMAH ZAKAT INDRAMAYU IKUTI PELATIHAN HIDROPONIKINDRAMAYU. Thursday (18/05) Seven Empowered Village Facilitators of Rumah Zakat Indramayu followed a planting training with Hidroponic Method along with speakers from Mandiri Daya Insani. The training was held in Saung Apung, TK Al-Fatih, Desa Kertasemaya, Indramayu.

The hydroponics is a way to cultivate using water media so it does not require land or a large area. Simply put, hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants using water enriched with nutrients, not soil.

For the participants, this training will be able to add new insights and knowledge about how to plant by hydroponic method, so that the facilitators can give return insight to the community. Lastri, one of the facilitators who attended the training said that in addition to adding insight for the gardening, hydroponic way can also provide more business profit.

“Ya Good, it can adds new knowledge and knowledge, especially in media and cultivation techniques. In standard hydroponics theory, standard planting media requires a lot of money, but it can be tricked with the media from recycling garbage. The results of hydroponic plants compared to those commonly planted in the soil, it turns out to be much healthier and faster growth, the business also provides a greater advantage than the usual cultivation method. “He said.

Lastri also added, the advantages of gardening with hydroponics method was also not require lots of space/land.

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