INDRAMAYU. Monday (29/01/2018) The Responsible Village Facilitator of  Rumah Zakat is visiting one of the Beneficiaries of KUBE, which is Ma Catu Uripah who is familiarly called Ma Catu. KUBE or Joint Business Group is one of the existing programs in Empowered Village of Tegalurung by Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat.

Ma Catu (58 years old) lives in a small and simple house with her husband, three children and six grandchildren in Kedokan Desa Block, RT 009 / RW 002, Tegalurung Village, Kec. Balongan, Kab. Indramayu.

Ma Catu should also try to support the family because her husband doesn’t have any job. Ma Catu now sells soy milk.

Every day Ma Catu produces soy milk as much as 1kg with income around Rp80.000. After given the business capital, Alhamdulillah production increased to 2kg and its income about 180.000 per day.

Soy milk ingredients Ma Catu comes from natural ingredients also through hygienic processes.

“Alhamdulillah ever since I got business capital from Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat my soy milk production increased and my income also increases, not only that I also can add my effort, that is by selling misro and combro” Ma Catu said.

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