FIRDAUS BERIKAN INSPIRASI KEPADA SISWA SD JUARA BATAMBATAM. Friday (28/04), Firdaus Katulistiwa as Chairman of Remaja Masjid Raya Batam (RMRB) gave inspiration to students of SD Juara Batam located in Komp. Pesantren Mizanul Ulum Batam, Kav. Bukit Layang Blok C, RT. 06 RW 17 Ex. Mangsang, Kec. Beduk River.

SD Juara Batam is a community partner as a forum to share their knowledge by becoming an inspiring guest teacher and sharing scientific insight. One of them is with the presence of Remaja Masjid Raya Batam which has spread its passion to elementary school children.

Alumni UKM Islam Muslim Society International University of Batam is giving the spirit of the importance of the ideals and the essence of a dream, so that dreams are really dreams can be realized and have a value that is beneficial to others.

“Alhamdulillah incredible to see the spirit of the elementary school students who are very enthusiastic in learning, directly tapped my heart that sometimes still a little lazy to learn.Seeing them as well as a stimulus to myself personally to make it better,” said Firdaus Katulistiwa as Chairman of RMRB who commonly called bang Daus.

Firdaus also gave a message to SD Juara, a free school dedicated to orphans and the poor. “Hope in the future, SD Champion Batam keep the spirit, this is just the beginning and certainly will be many challenges in the future, keep the spirit that exists and always expect Allah’s plesant” said Firdaus in his closing.

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