SERANG. Mobil Juara (Moju) Cilegon visited RA Al-Furqon in Komp. Pesona Cilegon Block C 1 No. 19, Kertasana Village, Bojonegara regency, Serang, Banten on (21/11). The car was greeted enthusiastically by the children and the board of teachers, from a distance the children jumped for joy to see the Car approaching their school.

The visit of Moju Cilegon began with remarks from Mrs. Rupi Ningrum, “Glad to get educational visit of library from Zakat House. Masya Allah learning becomes more fun by listening to fairy tales, coloring contest, health introduction, reading story book, lego race, watching islamic movie, more useful and blessing Rumah Zakat. Thank you Mobil Juara Cilegon” she said.

The students enjoy the activities provided by Moju Cilegon. For story telling activities led by kak Udoh. The children are divided into class A and class B. The number of students 36 follows the support activities and is directed to read the book assisted by the mother of the teacher council in accompanying reading the book.

They also watched an educative film along with the title “Who is Allah?”. The film introduces God’s creation and unity. In addition to being entertained with a variety of activities, at the end of the show the children also get PMT (Supplemental Feeding) from Moju team.

“Wafa is glad to have Moju here. I can do coloring, there are fairy tales and reading books as well. Thank you,” said Wafa, one of RA Al-Furqon’s students.


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