By: Idris Thaha

One day, a companion named Abdullah bin Sa’di came to Caliph Umar bin Khattab. Umar then confirmed the story that reached his ear.

“Are you really in charge of some of the affairs of the people, but you rejected the salary that is your right?” Asked Umar.

“That’s right,” Abdullah replied.

“What do you mean by rejecting that salary?” Umar asked again.

“I have several horses and slaves. I have enough. I intend to give that salary as a charity to my fellow Muslims,” ​​Abdullah explained.

“Do not do that, ” said Umar,” I once wanted to do the same, but the Prophet Muhammad SAW still gave it to me, even though I said, ‘Give it to someone who is in more need than me.’ One time, the Prophet SAW gave me money, while I kept saying, ‘Give it to someone who is in more need than me.’

Then, the Prophet SAW said, ‘Take and have the money, then you can give it. This treasure (money) is indeed given to you, even though you do not want it and do not ask for it, you should take it! And if there is not (money), do not follow your wishes (to get it).”


The brief dialogue of the Companions of the Prophet was quoted from the book of Sahih Bukhari. The Hadith not only explains the right to get a salary for those who have worked but also gives the example of how glorious Abdullah bin Sa’ di is.

From Abdullah, we can learn about the spirit of sharing and living sufficiently rather than being greedy. Thus, we can hone our empathy for others who live in need.

Prophet SAW has given a warning. It was revealed in the hadith narration of Asma bint Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq:

“Do not hold back (treasure to be given) because Allah will hold it also for you. Therefore, give wealth according to your ability. ”


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