RZ LDKO CilegonCIKARANG. To explore the local potential and community empowerment . Rumah Zakat (RZ) Bekasi which is Hafidz Faidi as a representative held a gathering with Cibatu district residents, South Cikarang, It was held at the residence of Cibatu official district, Eman.

Some residents attended the event and committed to form a joint venture community, to cultivate the potential of Cibatu Residents which have been neglected, namely Tutut (shellfish rice).

“During this time many Tutut in Cibatu, and mostly discarded, whereas commodities of tutut have high market share, which now also frequently, it has been supplied to outside the region,” he said with a disappointed tone.

Hafid welcomed Eman ‘s willingness and the residents’ effort to empower the potential of Cibatu area, he also promised to follow it up immediately so that all the facilities and infrastructure needed can be realized.
“RZ will full support the potential of the area that has been overlooked, to be developed into a commodity that is worth selling, which has competitiveness in the local market as well as national, perhaps it can go to international market as well” said the man who also become a consultant in hydroponic house.

furthermore, Hafid confirms that the support of RZ will be given in the form of supervising, managerial education, vocational training, provision of facilities and infrastructure which is needed.

RZ will also make an effort to the output of potential of Cibatu area, which is able to penetrate the wider market, so that the residents become independent and also capable of providing a positive impact on the environment.

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