SALATIGA. Wednesday (14/9) Dwi Pujiyanto, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Dukuh Village, Sidomukti with Muhammad Hasbi, IAIN Salatiga’s lecturer graduates of University of India, initiated the Senyum Juara Program by holding free English language tutoring for school-aged children.

Senyum Juara Program is organized in view of the high community needs of English language teaching guidance for their children. Almost all school-age children in the area of RW 09 follow the guidance of studying outside or there are private lessons. He hopes that with this program can help school-age children improve their English skills.

Muhammad Hasbi, a graduate of S2 from EFL University, Hyderabad, said he was happy to guide the children of junior and senior high school to study English in the Dukuh village.

“I am very happy to learn English with younger siblings. I always dreamed of becoming a teacher or a lecturer. Because by being a lecturer, I not only get a reward but I can give knowledge to many people and it is an amazing investment for the hereafter, “said Muhammad Hasbi.

He also added in learning English should not be ashamed. Do not fear wrong, because we will learn from the mistakes that exist in us.

“Almost all school-age children in RW 09 follow outside tutoring. Many also private lessons. This means the needs of the community about the guidance of learning for their children is very high. Therefore, we are Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat initiated a free tutoring program to help improve the English here, “said Dwi Pujiyanto.

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