GEBYAR KEMERDEKAAN SD JUARA JAKUT GURUKU PAHWALANKUJAKARTA. Independence Day is very identical to 17 August race, the race conducted in SD Juara Jakarta Utara together with Cita sehat Foundation (CSF) is different. Both of them held a race that remains focused on children’s health such as gymnastics competition called Anak Juara Cinta Sehat, banana eating competition with a blindfold, and other interesting competitions. Then the activity clossed by supplementary feeding consist of milk and cakes so that the children are healthy and strong.

“Thanks Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat, thanks brother and teacher, today I’m very happy because it can compete with friend’s and have my favorites milk” Said Diaz Winarta Hariyadi happily, the 2nd grade student of SD Juara Jakarta Selatan, on Thursday (08/18).

Not much different from Diaz, Syamil Hudaybi Mumtaz who is his classmate felt the same as following all existing races.
“I’m very happy, because today join the race at the school to commemorate Independence Day. I followed all the races, I cannot wait for next year. Thanks Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat “Said Syamil.
SD Juara Jakarta Utara conducted 71st Independence Day commemoration, besides conducting races. SD Juara Jakarta Utara gave out awards to teachers with the slogan “My teacher is my Heroes”.

“They are heroes for students of SD Juara Jakarta Utara, because they are preparing for a generation to become the best heir for country, they’re building this nation, because building the education is a part of us to build the civilization of the nation,” said Rahmat Ilahi as Principal of SD Juara Jakarta Utara, Thursday (08/18).

The three awards were assessed since the last year, and this year awards given to 3 teachers namely :

1) Best Teacher, was given to Mrs. Yulie kusumawatie (6th grade homeroom teacher), with his best contribution of integrity and dedication, She has led 6th grade students to get the best value in National Exam (USMBD), the best value and the highest in the region 1 Department of Education Tanjung, North Jakarta.The graduates this year received in various best state junior high school, favorite private schools and boarding schools in the country.

2) Model Teacher, delivered to Mr. Moh. Arif (3rd grade homeroom teacher), he is a teacher who is very nurturing students, intense communication with parents, as well as discipline in the work, he always comes earliest in schools, and always innovating in the learning activities, making he was elected as an exemplary teacher this year.

3) Favorite Teachers, given to Mrs. Rose Maci Aden, (English and Art Teacher), a teacher who is always cheerful, dedicated and still look wise, make her very popular among kids. Cheerfulness of students are always present when taught by Ms. Rose, even children are enjoy the lesson when studying with Mrs. Rose. A teacher who always missed by students

Activity also enlivened with various educative competitions for students, such as sack races, insert the pen into the bottle, tug of war, etc. Everything has a meaning, loaded with educational value and full of joy.

Newsroom/Rahmat Ilahi

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