RZ branch Cirebon held a seminar to welcome the year end with the theme “sharing a smile, set the pace, accomplish achievement”. Who became speaker at the event was Evi dewi susantiani, housed in the ICC At-Taqwa, Wednesday (23/12).

The event was attended by all donators and members of Rumah zakat, as well as parents of Rumah Zakat children.

In her presentation about “become reliable parents”, Evi dewi susantiani explain about how to educate children, that there are three guidelines, the first educate children based on the Qur’an and Al-Hadith, the second know the potential character of the children, and the third is by praying for the children.

“Child is a mandate given to us by God as a parent and educate them are jihad for us, start from now, watch our children start from their faith, worship, and moral, so that our children have the nature and character as the Messenger, our prophet, namely shidiq, tabligh, amanah, fathonah “She explained.

Separately according to Samin (60), as the invited guests from Pegambiran, he thinks this seminar give a lot of knowledge and new skills to educate children, in ways that are given according to the guidelines contained in the Qur’an and Hadith.

“The words that I remember, when we educate children do not use snapped words, forcing them. But give direction, as well as the motivation and enthusiasm, so it does not become a burden for the child, “he explained. ***

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