LOMBOK. The impact of the 7 SR earthquakes that hit the West Nusa Tenggara region on Sunday (05/08/2018) at 18.46 WIB gave a broad impact. Based on BNPB’s information, until early morning (06/08) at 02:30 a.m., 82 people died as a result of the earthquake, hundreds of people were injured, thousands of homes were damaged and thousands of residents fled to safe places.

The worst areas are North Lombok, East Lombok and Mataram City. Based on a report from the NTB Province BPBD, out of 82 people who died, victims came from North Lombok Regency 65 people, West Lombok 9 people, Central Lombok 2 people, City of Mataram 4 people, and East Lombok 2 people. Most of the victims died from being hit by collapsed buildings.

At the time of emergency handling the impact of the 6.4 SR earthquake was still going on, especially in North Lombok and East Lombok Regencies, suddenly the community was rocked by an earthquake with greater force. The people panicked and scattered on the streets and buildings and houses that had previously been damaged by the previous earthquake had become more damaged and collapsed.

Responding to these conditions, this Monday (6/08) Rumah Zakat sent Evacuation Volunteers from Bandung. In addition, 1 unit of ambulance and 1 unit of 4×4 WD car were also sent to assist the evacuation process.

“We will also send 10,000 Superqurban corned beef to help with the provision of food needs at the disaster site. Currently fast food is needed for the refugees, because this Superqurban corned beef is ready to eat, so it is suitable for emergency conditions like now, “explained Nurmansyah, one of Rumah Zakat Volunteers who left for Lombok. “Insya Allah, we departed from Halim Airport at 08.00 WIB this morning,” he added.

The main focus of assistance is searching, rescuing and helping people affected by the earthquake and meeting basic needs. The need for urgent refugees is among others, medical personnel, clean water, food ingredients, blankets, mats, tents, fast food, trauma healing services and other basic needs.


Ria Arianti


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