MAGELANG. Sunday (24/09) Afifudin Nurkhamim, Empowered Village Facilitator in Gondosuli Village along with Youth leaders spearheaded Environmental Love Program, by doing the environmental cleaning movements around the river which has been a garbage dump in Daleman Hamlet.

This environment cleaning movements do by closing the area where garbage disposal in the Riverside area. River basin area is an area that must be preserved, if there is environmental pollution will disrupt the sustainability and beauty of the village. In addition, it will indirectly pollute the environment especially the flow of the river, because many are also trash that plunged directly into the river.

The residents not only close the garbage dump but also provide a garbage dump in the form of a large bucket that will be installed around the house residents.

Agus Rahmat, one of the pioneers of this movement, said, “With this closure, people are expected to dispose of garbage in the provided garbage bins, which are buckets around the houses that will be managed by the Residents”

A total of 15 large bucket that is pure self-help residents in Daleman Hamlet is expected to change the bad habits of people littering.

The Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in the village of Gondosuli is very supportive and will accompany the movement of this citizen. It is expected that with the assistance of Rumah Zakat this environmental love movement will run continuously.

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