give-love4rohingya-sd-juara-jakut-wujudkan-aksinyaJAKARTA. Muslims is as one body, if any part of the body is sick, the rest of the body will be sick as well. A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim. It is also being instilled SD Juara Jakarta Utara so they can love their muslim brothers and to feel the suffering of his brothers currently in Rohingya.

To give insight to children what is happening in Rohingya, SD Juara Jakarta Utara’s teacher played the movie about Rohingya on Friday (25/11). The activity is called “Give Love for Rohingya”, after watching the movie, the school held a fundraising activity for the Rohingya for 3 days being part of a series of activities.

The children were put aside their pocket money every day and collected into their homeroom from Wednesday to Friday (28- 30 November). Their concern about their Muslim brother turned out so great, evident from their enthusiasm giving their allowance for Rohingya.

“Alhamdulillah the concern of the children finally collected as much as Rp 900,000, -” said one teacher. “Concern of children toward their brothers hopefully can be a character attached to them up whenever and wherever they are. Hopefully the children will always care about his brothers, because aqidah fraternity more beautiful than anything in this world. “Said Principal of SD Juara Jakarta Utara, Rahmat Illahi


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