go-jek-bersama-rz-luncurkan-program-infaq-qurbanJAKARTA.Ahead of Eid Al-Adha 1437 H, GO-JEK with RZ launch Infaq Qurban program trough GO-TIX service from 1 to 14 September, 2016. The amount of the infaq starting from Rp 10,000 to Rp 100,000, where the method of payment can use GO-PAY or credit card. The amount of Infaq Qurban will buy a goat to be slaughtered and the meat is then distributed through the GO-BOX services to beneficiaries in the form of corned beef on food preparedness program.

” Infaq qurban like this is different from qurban. People who give Infaq Qurban not called pequrban, but considered as the person who give the infaq. Because Qurbany rules is clear, ie one pequrban sacrifice a goat or 1/7 cow” Explained Nur Efendi, RZ’s CEO.

“A lot of people who want to perform qurbany worship, but financially inadequate, With Infaq qurban like this, they can still participate to share in the moments of Eid al-Adha although they are not called pequrban. “S tated Piotr Jakubowski, Chief Marketing Officer of GO-JEK

food preparedness is an adaptation of Superqurban program, a program that adds value benefits of sacrificial meat to process and pack it into the corned beef or corned mutton. Optimizing the sacrificial meat into corned facilitate the process of distribution to various areas in need, such as food insecurity to the regions affected by the disaster. As in May 2016 ago, RZ sent 30,000 Superqurban corned in the expedition of Bhakti PMK to be distributed to the four forefront islands of Indonesia namely Bajo island in West Nusa Tenggara, Wetar Island in Southwest Maluku, Saumlaki Island in Maluku Tenggara Barat, and Kaimana Island in West Papua.

“The distribution of sacrificial meat in the form of corned as Superqurban program, has proven effective in helping the community who experience food shortages in parts of the region. That is why we chose infaq qurban cooperation. Hopefully the benefits of infaq can be distributed up to the outposts of the country. “Said Nur Efendi

GO-JEK joint cooperation with RZ not only involves collecting Infaq Qurban through GO-TIX service, but also the distribution of corned beef to beneficiaries through the service GO-BOX.
“For the distribution of corned conducted in some cities, such as Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Denpasar .Hopefully by then, the distribution process will become easier and more efficient. “Resolved Piotr.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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