BANDUNG. Entering the holy month of Ramadan, Go-Jek and Rumah Zakat again work together in the Ramadan Donation program. This program is expected to facilitate users of Go-Jek applications during Ramadan to donate.

This Ramadhan program collaboration has been done by Go-Jek and Rumah Zakat since 2016 and get positive response from Go-Jek’s users, so this time Go-Jek and Rumah Zakat re-present Ease of Donation through Go-Tix service.

“We see that the trend of consumer behavior in the month of Ramadhan 2017 showed an increase in religious activity such as Go-Food order increases at Sahur time, therefore we try to facilitate consumers to share in this Ramadhan. With Rumah Zakat we present Ramadan Donation program in Go – Tix service “said Chief Corporate Affairs of Go – Jek Nila Marita.

Ramadan Donation Program available in Go-Tix service consist of 3 types such as Ifthar (BBP), Eid Gift for Orphans (KLY), and also the Ramadhan infak program that starting from Rp5.000.

” Hopefully the cooperation of Ramadhan program with Go-Jek makes more people sharing and we can together give happiness to pre-prosperous people especially in Empowered Village in 191 cities / regencies in Indonesia,” said CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Effendi .

In order to use this donation program, Go-Jek application users can make donations in Go-Tix service on Ramadan Donation menu, in that menu many choices of donation and Infak Ramadhan packages can be selected. In addition, Go-Points also offer redemption points 850 to make donations through Rumah Zakat.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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