GO-JEK SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK SD JUARA JAKARTAThe spirit of sharing in the month of Ramadan is not dimming even though Ramadan has passed. One of RZ’s Ramadan program in cooperation with Go-Jek that carries the hashtag #RamadanBersamaGojek on Thursday afternoon is still active channeling donation from Go-jek user.

The donation is done through one of the services of Go-Jek namely Go-Tix. This time SD Jakarta Utara becomes the beneficiaries. The donations are distributed in the form of 18 KLY Package (Eid gift for Orphans) and 90 cans of SuperQurban corned.

“I represent the Go-jack team is very pleased with the positive response from the wider community as a donator through the program in collaboration with RZ” said Ayu Yovita Liwanuru as Head of PR & amp; Media Relations Go-Life (GO-JEK), in SD Juara Jakarta Utara, Thursday (04/08).

Happiness was visible in children’s faces who receive assistance from Go-jek user. One of the beneficiaries is Shibghotullah who feel happy and grateful with the gift.

“Thanks Donators. Hopefully the company become more successful, blessed and can be useful for many people.” he said.

Go-Tix is a service from the Go-Jek application other than Go-Send and Go-Box that allows Go-jack applications users to share. All three can be selected in various empowerment programs run by RZ such as school champion, Free Maternity House (RBG), Eid Gift for orphan (KLY), and Eid gift for the needy (BLK).


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