gudep-smp-juara-pekanbaru-antusias-dalam-perkemahan-blok-kurikulum-2013PEKANBARU. SMP Juara Pekanbaru implemented Perjusami (camp) activities in the occassion of Curriculum 2013 block camp. Scouting (Scouting exercises) in curriculum 2013 is set to be an mandatory extracurricular in elementary school (SD / MI), Secondary school and High School, MA, and vocational high school.

As a mandatory extracurricular, Scout should be followed by all students in the school. While the Model Block is a pattern of scouting education compulsory extracurricular activities are held once a year at the beginning of the new school year. It Is mandatory, once a year, applies to all learners, scheduled, and given the general assessment.

The purpose of this activity is to establish character and also the application of independent attitude towards learners and can also provide insight into the understanding of scouting also applied it to their lives later.

Event followed by all students from 7th grade to 9th grade with 8 persons as the representatives of cubmaster and 8 persons as the representatives of senior guider, each master is a teacher and the mainstay of Bukit Raya scout group.

The event began with the opening ceremony that opened directly by the principal, Syahrul Padilah, Spd. “Scouts have experienced various forms of development, with the development it is expected that value of actualization embodied scouting can be applied in the lives of you,” he said, (08/10). Syahrul continue, scouts as a platform for character formation of students.

Furthermore Nurhasanah, S. Si as chairman of the committee said that this event is a routin activity performed every year, apart from strengthening the curriculum 2013 scouts also represents a breakthrough long-term future for the actualization of education for students.

This activity continued with the presentation material by Riau Provincial headquarters and BNN of Pekanbaru and closed with outbound activities. The camp activity ended with hiking around the campground and the distribution of prizes to the winners.

“Thank God this event give positive science for me and also give a place to put ourselves according to our skills,” said Rizky Ramadhan.

Newsroom/Adi Hamdani

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